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Our Focus is Asbestos Research

5  1024px-USS_Boxer_(CV-21)_machinery_co


Awareness of the legal relevance

With years of experience, our researchers have the capabilities and expertise to locate pertinent records associated with military veterans and the ships they served aboard.


Examples of Relevant Documents

There are many different types of documents that may be relevant in understanding asbestos use on ships. Here are some examples of the kinds of documents that may be of value in your case, which we can locate and provide:

  • Manufacturers whose equipment and machinery were insulated with asbestos or contained asbestos products such as gaskets and packing

  • Overhaul and conversion reports showing the extent and type of work done to the ship

  • Location of machinery and equipment aboard ship(s)

  • Construction plans for many Navy and Maritime ships detailing asbestos applications, thermal insulation, gaskets and packing

  • Navy muster rolls and personnel data such as dates a sailor reported and transferred a ship and the rate/ job the person held

  • Crew lists to identify shipmates and co-workers

  • Military and Federal specifications

  • Qualified Products Lists

  • Technical Manuals

  • Ships' Deck Logs

12C  USS_Carl_Vinson_during_an_underway_
11A  USS Intrepid (CVA-11)


Repositories, some of the places we frequent:

  • National Archives, College Park, MD

  • National Archives, Washington, DC

  • Regional Archives

  • Library of Congress

  • Naval History & Heritage Command

  • Library of Congress

  • Department of Transportation

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